Beta Test Instructions

Step 1:

  • To get a FREE COPY & your NAME in the credits, please:
  1. Read through the Gameplay Guide below
  2. Download the game (click here)
  3. Play the game
  4. Fill in the Feedback form (click here)

Gameplay Guide:

  • Before you start the first level, make sure to buy all the FREE turrets, you’ll need them!
  • Controls are detailed by pressing Esc during gameplay and selecting the controls tab
    • To switch between RCTs (remote control turrets), place more than 1 of them on the battlefield, then press E to enter one of them, then press Right Mouse to switch between them
    • In the controls menu, all controls below Drone dont yet work
    • To launch a nuke or UAV (drone), press W (nuke) or S (drone)
  • Resolution options are not changeable yet
  • Credits are from the old version of the game
  • The stats section of the game is outdated
  • Please dont change difficulty setting, keep it on normal
  • Please play all London levels and provide your feedback afterwards

Bug Reporting:

  • To submit a bug, please use the Bug Submission Guide found here

Slightly old instructional video: